Post Professional Program in Architecture and Urbanism

Geofutures endeavors to convert crisis into opportunity by harnessing both the pressures of a planet at risk and the promise of emerging environmental technologies to generate a broad spectrum of possible, if not probable, urban and architectural futures for the twenty-first century. CHRIS PERRY, Director.



Program Introduction

GEOFUTURES MASTER  OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURE PROGRAM (Post Professional Program in Architecture and Urbanism) CHRIS PERRY, Assistant Professor Program Director Program Description Fifteen years ago, Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen announced that the world had entered a new geological age, what he termed the Anthropocene, a period characterized by industrial anthropocentrism as a new geophysical force […]

Fall 2011 Lecture Series

Lecture Series (Fall 2011) Admission is FREE and will begin at 6pm. All lectures are at EMPAC / The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media + Performing Arts Center, 110 8th Street, Troy NY 12180. Schedule JOEL SANDERS Groundwork: Between Landscape and Architecture Wed Sept 7th – Concert Hall HEATHER ROBERGE Sheet Logics Wed Sept 21st […]

2012 Smart Geometry

MARCH 12-24, 2012. The sg2012 challenge, Material Intensities, is intended to dissolve our notion of the built environment as inert constructions enclosing physically sealed spaces. Spaces and boundaries are abundant with vibration, fluctuating intensities, shifting gradients and flows. The materials that define them are in a continual state of becoming: a dance of energy and […]

Digital Workshop (Fall 2011)

Digital Workshop Faculty: SCOTT SORENSON, Adjunct Professor   Rensselaer SoA Digital Workshops provide a menu of techniques and resources within a range of topics applicable to an advanced approach within the digital design practice.  Exploration founded by new linkages within cross platform integration of digital processes aims to push the limits of software packages and […]


Evan Douglis, Professor


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