Geospatial Ecologies

Geospatial Ecologies

Milton Major

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If the concept of pure “nature” no longer exists, then can architecture co-exist with ecology to construct an artificial nature?

The anthropocentric goals of mankind have historically been to conquer nature while creating objects of resilience that withstand the test of time. Contrary to this contemporary way of thinking comes the idea of the postnatural which relates to the principles of the ambiguous and the in between, therefore mediating the relationship between man and nature.

David Gissen defines the postnatural as follows: “the ambitions of postnaturalism are to present a true crisis of nature not by using cultural practices to reconnect buildings into new ecologies or to remake nature in some pure form, but by lifting the veil on our understanding of nature as a category outside social determination. That is, the crisis is not that we are all part of nature and don’t realize it; the crisis is that nature is an integral idea, set within human history, and we have not fully explored the implications.” Thus, the postnatural proposes a unique opportunity to shift away from materials that are processed and produced and embrace environments that degrade and adapt.

Geospatial Ecologies proposes a series of bio-plastic towers in Louisiana Wildlife Management Areas. The conventional ideals of the horizontal landscape and the vertical building become one, creating a new typology of landscape buildings towering above the land it once occupied. This orientation through disorientation challenges the way we view, experience and perceive the concept of this constructed nature. These landscape buildings serve as both observation and recreation areas for humans, as well as coastal infrastructure and wildlife incubators for non-humans. This proposal aims to co-exist with nature providing the necessary framework for flora and fauna to thrive without asserting human dominance over nature.

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