• Biotic City, rooftop rendering

    Student Work (Spring 2013)

    BIOTIC CITY (Rooftop rendering): proposal by Bing Bai, Edgar Garcia, and Jessica Hernandez.

  • Final Review, Spring 2013.

    Final Review (Spring 2013)

    Critics from left to right: Chris Perry, Ralph Ghoche, Lonn Combs, Mark Mistur, Cathryn Dwyre. Students (standing): Zhen Chen, Bingwen Du, Prachi Gadkari

  • Coropolis, aerial rendering and laser-cut detail model.

    Student Work (Spring 2013)

    COROPOLIS (aerial rendering and laser-cut detail model): proposal by Sahar Mihandoust and Tazy Momtaz.

  • Final Review, Spring 2013.

    Final Review (Spring 2013)

    Critics (from left to right): Zbigniew Oksiuta, Dean Evan Douglis, Mitchell Joachim, Rhett Russo, Lydia Kallipoliti, Cathryn Dwyre, Ted Ngai. Students (standing): Edgar Garcia, Jessica Hernandez, Bing Bai

  • sea-garden_massing1_OPTslider

    Student Work (Spring 2013)

    SEA GARDEN (massing model): proposal by Huanyu Guo, Bhawya Joshi, and Sisi Qian.

  • Final Review, Spring 2013.

    Final Review (Spring 2013)

    Critics from left to right: Ralph Ghoche, Cathryn Dwyre, Mitchell Joachim, Lydia Kallipoliti, Rhett Russo.  Students (standing): Tazy Momtaz and Sahar Mihandoust

  • Cavern City, aerial rendering

    Student Work (Spring 2013)

    CAVERN CITY (aerial rendering):  proposal by Zhen Chen, Bingwen Du, and Prachi Gadkari.

  • Final Review, Spring 2013.

    Final Review (Spring 2013)

    Guest Critics: Lonn Combs, Dean Evan Douglis, Cathryn Dwyre, Ralph Ghoche, Mitchell Joachim, Lydia Kallipoliti, Mark Mistur, Ted Ngai, Zbigniew Oksiuta, Rhett Russo //

  • Biotic City, perspectival section.

    Student Work (Spring 2013)

    BIOTIC CITY (perspectival section): proposal by Bing Bai, Edgar Garcia, and Jessica Hernandez.

“In an age marked by the haunting effects of climate change, in which the needs of humans and those of the natural environment have become increasingly intertwined and the conventional distinctions between artificial and natural more and more ambiguous, the traditional conception of the city as an anthropomorphic artifact serving the exclusive desires of the human race must be reconsidered and ultimately reimagined.” (Chris Perry, Director)



Geofutures students won WT SmartCity Award

Former students Bing Bai, Edgar Garcia, and Jessica Hernandez’s final project in the Geofutures program, “Biotic City” (Spring, 2013), won Second Prize in the WT SmartCity Award and was exhibited in Milan, Italy during Milan Design Week in April, 2014. WT SmartCity Award.


C. Perry and A. Saunders in “Architecture in Formation”

Essay by Chris Perry and design work by Andrew Saunders featured in the book Architecture in Formation (Routledge, 2013).


Chris Perry at University of Montreal

Chris Perry and  Cathryn Dwyre  (Pneumastudio’s partners) presented at the annual Phyllis Lambert Seminar at the University of Montreal (November, 2013).


R. Ghoche and A. Saunders in JAE Journal

Ralph Ghoche essay and Andrew Saunders design research featured in the Journal of Architectural Education (Spring, 2013).


Perry: “Collective Intelligence in Design”

Chris Perry AD introduction “Collective Intelligence in Design” republished in the AD Reader The Digital Turn in Architecture: 1992-2012 (Wiley-Academy, 2013)


Evan Douglis, Professor


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